So, You Want to get a Divorce, Now What?

You Want a Divorce Now What?

There is a lot that goes into this decision and you should not take it lightly.

You need to call a lawyer!  A divorce is a lawsuit against your spouse, it doesn’t get any more personal or serious.   Every case is different and needs to be handled in its own unique way.

No matter what the details are of your divorce, I always advise my client of these simple steps to prepare for meeting with a Divorce Lawyer.

Protect yourself

Know all you and your spouse’s important information.  This includes, all information about your marriage including tax information, income, assets, everything.

Change all your login information for Social Media, Bank Accounts, Cell phone provider, Everything.

Do not move out of your house.  Giving up possession of your house makes losing it and custody of the children that live there more likely.

Plan for your children

Where do they want to be? What is fair? Both parents have a right to visitation and custody.

This is very dependent on your kids age.  I have heard many judges say “I am not going to let a 12-year-old drive the bus” But I see 13-year-olds who tell the judge where they will live.

Be involved in your kid’s life.  No matter what their age all your decisions should be focused on what is in the best interest of the children.

Be sure to know all the children’s Teachers, Coaches and Doctors.  Go to all appointments and meetings and take an active part in your kid’s life.

Prepare for the process

Take Care of your health.  Divorce is not quick or easy.  The legal process can be, but over all it takes a tole on you.  Make sure you are healthy, working out and eating right.  It will do wonders for your mental status.

½ of everything doesn’t leave you with a lot.  You have had the benefit of marriage.  When you get divorced your finances take a major cut and you need to be prepared for that.

Going at it alone.  A marriage is a partnership and a divorce splits that.  You will oversee all the decisions.  You need to be prepared to make the tough choices.  That is where an experienced divorce attorney comes into play

Again, the best advice you can get is from a lawyer who is aware of your specific circumstances.  If you are looking for advice you need to call me.  In just a few minutes you can have an appointment scheduled and a plan for going forward with your divorce.